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July 04, 2018 3 min read

Tell us about yourself? I am a passionate writer always on the chase for swells and stories. I love surfing and it’s adventures, all the different characters you meet in the line up and it’s lifestyle, going on surf trips and experience new cultures, just everything that has to do with really. That is why I am currently setting up my own little surf mag so I can publish and therefore share all the adventures and stories people tell, interviews with pro’s and tips and tricks and a lot more interesting stuff with all of you too.

How did you get to know Jarra Campbell? We first got in touch through a friend -photographer Fiona Peters - shooting some photos for the Bondi alchemist.

How do you feel wearing The Bondi Alchemists products? Pretty pretty haha! I usually just wear whatever is simple and solid enough to surf with. All the more I am happy Jarra equipped me with a bathing suit that looks stylish and - most importantly- stays on in the surf!

Sustainable surf and activewear for women, could you share any stories that highlight the need for this? Surfing all year around you do change your swimwear quite often because it simply gets worn out from the sun, the salt and the surf. For that reason to me it is becoming more and more important where my swim wear is produced, if it’s produced fair and sustainable. The longer it lasts, the better - I am currently pretty impressed with how good econyl is! You can barely feel the difference between econyl and normal swimwear I think.

How would you describe the surfing culture and your favourite surfing locations in Europe? Europe is a tough terrain when it comes to surfing. The surf culture in Europe is still pretty young and booming at the moment. There are good waves at times but I don’t feel like Europeans are as open minded with sharing their waves as Australians and Indonesians for example. Spain and Portugal is known for localism. France is a little more chilled. I mean, don’t get me wrong, people are nice and welcoming everywhere. I think the vibe in Europe in general is a little severe and stiff than in other countries. I guess that’s a cultural thing. Us Europeans, we tend to have a lot of stress...and some of us bring it out to the line up. So at certain spots when the waves are pumping it’s a hustle. And being a girl you will have to deal with a the one or the other macho in the line up for sure.

Have you been in the Basque Country (Biarritz or Mundaka to surf?) Yes have been. The most perfect wave I’ve seen since desert point. The most crowded and aggressive attitude as well. Wouldn’t go back there. I prefer a more chilled and less dangerous vibe in the surf. Can’t recommend Mundaka. Biarritz is super chilled though! And really pretty too! Definitely worth going!

What advice would you give for women choosing surf or activewear clothing?It has to be comfy and must not put pressure on your shoulder muscles. To me that’s the most important part. Neck holder bikinis are the worst to surf in. I am not a big fan of cross backs either because there the pressure lays right on your shoulder muscles. For me, but maybe that’s a personal thing, normal straps like bra straps work best.

Featured Photo by Andreas Ummenhofer @aframe.images

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. I’ve been missing to walk barefoot in the jungle lately but I’m still enjoying my time in the city and I’m looking forward to buy myself a new pair of shoes next week. It’s necessary to wear proper ones in the snow I figured. ❄️🌴 Photog 📷 @aframe_images ~ ~ #ournaturedays #welivetoexplore #jungle #natureisbeautiful #LiveForTheStory #canondeutschland #offthewellwornpath #worldcapture #saltyatheart #surferatsoul #surfculture #livethesearch #surfinglife #balispirit #surfasthetics #surfergirls #lifechangingplaces #surfvisuals #sunset_ig #dailystoke #outside_project #getlostnow #huffposttravel #travelstoke #dailystoke #traveldeeper #openmyworld #surfnature #surftravel #prettylittletrips

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